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Career Search Universe Inc. (CSU) is the Premier Career Marketing Company in the Midwest offering full-service one-on-one consultation for professionals and executives. We are retained by major corporations and by private individuals to analyze, prepare and direct career searches in every imaginable occupation and geographical location.


Professional Resumes ~ Background Assessment Profiles ~ Cover Letters ~ Career Search Tools ~ Negotiations ~ Social Media Use ~ Target Marketing ~ Strategic Career Management ~ Long Distance Searches ~ and much more.

The CSU Search has proven methods of analyzing and preparing an individual for a successful, efficient career search while achieving results with unsurpassed speed and efficiency.


Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. – John Wooden

Empower Clients Taking Their Careers to the Next Level

The following explains our career management philosophy and lays out a Plan to follow for Success.  If accepted as a CSU Client, we guarantee to make a significant and positive impact in your Campaign and Career Path. Note that we are not an employment agency.

1. Career Situation Analysis; evaluation of key information

We will review and evaluate your personal skills, strengths and accomplishments.

It is common for executives and professionals at any level to find it very difficult to initiate an effective career search. One of the first challenges in getting started is to identify your unique assets & talents. However, being objective about your own strengths and skills is extremely difficult to do. We recognize how awkward this can be.

We use a proven method for eliciting your key personal information. After your initial interview and acceptance as a Client, we provide you with a complete set of specialized CSU questionnaires. They detail your career accomplishments and may be completed at home in a few hours.

These materials allow us clear insight into your strengths and weaknesses. Answering probing questions clarifies your potential options and target markets; you can also learn a great deal about yourself from this exercise.

Once we receive these profiles, our professional staff will develop strategies to maximize selling your strengths and minimize your weaknesses during the search. Through this process of evaluation, we define the significant advantages you have over the competition you will face.

This provides an important foundation for our future work on your behalf.

2. Development of a Customized Marketing Action Plan

We will identify your career and industry options.

People facing a transition in their career should thoroughly consider all of their options, including every reasonable possibility that may develop career momentum in the future. Unfortunately, most people develop very few choices on their own.

Specialized professionals can assume they are locked into a single field. Others believe they have such generalized experience that their options are diminished. None of these are the absolute truth. Generalists and specialists are needed in almost every industry. The secret is determining what skills are needed and which are transferable. Our consultants will help identify possibilities and provide insights to make a successful transition.

We explore new types of positions that you may want to consider. These range from advanced levels in your field to completely new career possibilities that you may never have thought of.

This phase is enlightening because many people have developed ‘tunnel vision’ concerning their talents. They tend to limit themselves only to what they have done before. We expand the target market by suggesting appropriate industry alternatives. It is possible to aim in multiple directions and leave no ‘stones unturned’.

We will help you determine your true potential.

Most people tend to underestimate their marketability and income potential. They limit their own dollar worth to their knowledge of jobs in familiar industries. Therefore they measure their value by their current earnings. This can hold them back from more lucrative positions and block them from long-term career growth.

Making the most of what you have to offer is THE GOAL of determining your marketability and income potential. This may sound easy. However, many of our Clients have ignored their key selling points and were not to capitalizing on them.

We also analyze weaknesses such as: unemployment, underemployment, having too many job changes, being in a remote location, inadequate academic credentials, slow career progress, single industry or company experience, etc. We identify ethical methods for compensating most liabilities. People rarely do this very well without help. Turning liabilities into assets is not only possible, but also extremely important. Our objective is to help you make the most of what you have to offer.

We will recommend specific career search goals and provide a campaign action plan for developing more interviews.

Once we have agreed upon your career alternatives and made our final assessment of your marketability, we will determine the directions that will most likely maximize your career advancement. These include types and sizes of companies, job descriptions, titles, and geographic choices that are most suitable for you.

We will then present a plan of attack. This is an assertive formula designed to enable you to develop the highest quality and number of interviews possible. Most people searching completely leave out the unpublished positions, which can be as much as 75% – 85% of the best available market opportunities. This is one of the biggest mistakes people can make.

Over the years we have learned that to be successful, candidates need a well-planned market strategy. Planning out the search can lead to having several possibilities developing at once. Having a formal plan of action and following it can dramatically increase your number of interviews and possible options.

Did you know that only 1% of professionals follow a specific Plan of Attack when they search? People don’t plan to fail; they simply fail to plan.

3. Expert Counsel on Career Advancement Strategies

We will provide comprehensive information and advice on our proven methods for changing or improving career positions.

To give you a competitive edge, we counsel the following items:

• Changing career directions
• Uncovering opportunities in new industries
• Learning about unpublished openings
• Using recruiters effectively
• Building influential contacts
• Handling personal and business references
• Using websites and search engines effectively
• Improving your personal image
• Relocating to new markets
• Creating appointments by using effective phone techniques
• Maintaining motivation and self confidence
• Effective use of the Internet and social media
• Planning for long term career and financial success

• And many more strategies…

Private counseling sessions may be arranged on any of the above subjects. Through the materials and advice we provide, you will have the tools to MASTER the science of career search and secure the maximum number of offers.

Our entire staff will be available to respond to your questions. Topics will be counseled in depth; you need only take advantage of the items relevant to your particular search.

Imagine the advantages our proprietary information will give you from your first interview to your successful acceptance of a new position.
We recommend utilizing video feedback; when you are ready, we can use our professional video equipment for interview training and refinement. Pre-interview and post-interview debriefing sessions are also recommended and extremely helpful.

We help you project your best possible image.

4. Professional Resume Writing

We will prepare exceptional Resumes for your campaign. Our policy is to present your credentials as accurately and honestly as can be done.

Using typical written documents in today’s challenging marketplace is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. With millions of Resumes in circulation, an average one may cause serious problems; you certainly don’t want to be eliminated as a candidate before you get a chance to make a personal presentation of your skills. We provide you with every possible advantage, developing effective Resumes along with strategic Marketing Letters that are stunning, and get the attention of decision makers.

Your new Resume will have extraordinary substantive as well as graphic differences from the mediocre ones used by most job seekers.

The typical document provides little more than a brief history of the applicant. Yours however, will communicate a total feeling about you – that you have the right skills, talents and accomplishments, as well as excellent personal qualities that clearly separate you from ordinary candidates.

Many times a client may need more than one Resume for their specific marketing plan. With our proven system, we can easily adjust yours for each possible job description.  This creates a tailor-made Resume that sends a strong statement on how your experience directly fits their needs.

Our Professional Resumes convey the clearest expression of your background, credentials and skills, doing so in a dignified, professional way. You get more interviews, and subsequently, have the opportunity to receive more offers to choose from.

5. Preparation of Key Written Materials

We will help prepare key letters and advise you on all written communications.

You will need our extensive library of  CSU Search Letters, including effective Cover Letters. These are essential for making initial contacts, surfacing leads, following up on interviews, and reaching influential contacts.

During a campaign, these letters can often be as effective as a Resume. They, too, must be simple yet persuasive. Above all else, the letters provide you the opportunity to continue the communication process when others are not taking advantage of this tactic. This helps you differentiate yourself from the masses.

The odds of any search succeeding without carefully prepared written support letters are, at best, limited. Our help in this area makes a significant contribution to your campaign.

Once again, your competitive edge increases.

6. Personal Interviewing Strategies

Our specialized Master Presentation System can help secure offers faster and more effectively.

Converting interviews into job offers requires more than luck; yet most people assume there is little they can do to prepare for these critical meetings with potential employers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our Clients are much better prepared than the competition. Developing superior interviewing skills requires a Plan.

We believe success depends 30% on background and 70% on selling yourself. We provide all the answers to the toughest interview questions,and practice with you until you feel confident in the communications.

In addition, we train Clients how to ask penetrating questions that will get the interviewer’s attention. Most of your competition will be ill prepared to ask detailed business questions; you will show decision makers how prepared you are to take the position by the questions you ask. The Boy Scout motto applies here: Be Prepared.

Upon request by the Client, we plan a video session of tough interview questions to refine your ability to present yourself. The further it goes into the interviews, the more you have an advantage over your competition.

You are briefed before you go in; de-briefed when you come out. This is the competitive edge you were looking for.

We help each Client master our system with proven strategies and we build interviewing techniques that make sense for you as an individual. This system has a proven track record of success so you can take control the interview and make a strong impression that will get results.

7. Professional Negotiation Strategies

You will learn key negotiation strategies that are tactical and effective.

In the offer stage of career searching, millions of dollars are left on the table every year. This is income people deserve and should have received, if they had known how to negotiate correctly. Did you know that only 2% of Americans feel comfortable with their negotiation skills? If you are one of the many who have not been trained how, then let’s refine this skill-set.

In one-on-one counsel we outline a specific plan to negotiate for each offer you receive. This will include techniques that permit you to obtain the income you are worth, rather than what you have been earning in the past; helping you secure the highest possible compensation package.

Negotiation skills are kept easy to absorb and simple to apply. While they can be learned quickly, they have a tremendous impact on the rest of your career. Negotiating professionally will always make a positive impression on the new employer, representing that you have negotiation skills that you can bring to the table for your new company.

As Clients learn the finer points of negotiating, they feel more confident in the final stages of the interview process. We caution them to refrain from accepting an initial offer. If you allow yourself to be purchased at a discount rate you might not be happy for long.

The results of professional negotiations can easily add up to $100,000 (or more) in a single decade, making it well worth the time and effort to be prepared.

8. Marketing Research and Advice on Employers

We will provide information on surfacing employers to consider by industry, size and location. Based on your profiles and interests, we will be targeting high-probability industries and employers for your search; these include employers who will find your qualifications to be desirable and needed.

We will provide you with a successful system for researching and identifying new prospective employers. This system, coupled with our process of increasing contacts, can help you to continually be in communications with multiple companies throughout your campaign.

Then you can select those that you have the strongest interest in pursuing. These selected targets can be approached in many ways depending upon your talents and background. They don’t teach these principles of developing leads in school; and they are CRITICAL to our mutual success.
We will help provide information and advice on emerging opportunities and growth companies

In business, companies are continuously confronted with needs for new personnel.

To help you, we will assist in monitoring events within your target market, helping you to search for situations that include near-term and present hiring activity. Uncovering the names and locations of key decision makers is important to your success. Learning how to find these spot opportunities will add to your target market and speed your progress.

We will help you to connect to more key recruiters and you will learn a system for surfacing additional company contacts.

Your credentials can be made available to the most active recruiters that deal with your areas of interest. Social Media can be most helpful in this endeavor. We will help you market yourself effectively in this arena with considerations to your income, experience and geographic preferences.

9. Professional Counsel Throughout Your Search

We will assist you throughout your career search.

We counsel you on any subject relevant to your search. This ranges from interview preparation and de-briefing to final negotiations and acceptance. You should understand that some career search campaigns are concluded in a few short weeks. Others may take longer. Our Program is designed to CUT your personal search time in half.

We always stay with our Clients until they secure their new career position. Very few firms operate that way.

10. Starting the New Career with a Written Plan

When you accept your new position, we ARE NOT DONE; we help you develop a written plan for continued career success

At the conclusion and success of the search we will help each Client develop a CSU Career Plan. The purpose is to build momentum, ongoing success and continued promotions. This plan has both short and long-term goals set in motion to propel you into the next level of your career within the time frame that fits your personal needs.

Only 1 in 250,000 people will develop a written career plan.

Following a written career plan is one of the most important things you can do for your future success; it can make a great deal of difference in developing with the company longer term, and advancing your career.

Those with no plan may find themselves having to search again in too short a period of time. If you want to continue your success, you won’t skip this step of our program.

In addition we encourage our Clients to build a financial plan.

Along with this information, there are a number of ways to build financial freedom. We provide counsel to show you the ways to create and save money for your financial success, now and into retirement. This includes advice on using tax advantages, investments, lowering your mortgage payments, building residual incomes, starting businesses and more.

This type of plan can save you thousands of dollars each year. At your request we will introduce you to Financial Investment Experts that will offer some free advice and information to insure your success.

11. Annual Career Assessment; ongoing career advice

You are welcome to continued advice in your new career position. We are available annually throughout your career and at no additional charge.

This ongoing service is available under the condition that you have completed a CSU Success Report and kept us continuously informed of your future search activity, job title, current responsibility, salary, and career changes. This ongoing advice helps to build your career and can make all the difference for your continued success and happiness.


The CSU Search Team respects the proprietary nature of any information provided by the Client. Further, our professional code of ethics prohibits staff members from divulging the nature of our Client relationships with the public or acknowledging that a specific individual has utilized our services (unless otherwise stipulated by the Client).
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