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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela 

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Our Team

  1. You will learn how to penetrate the Un-Published Market, where you’ll find 85% of the best positions

  2. Professional Resumes and Letters will save you from wasting hours of your time

  3.  You’ll learn the most effective answers to the toughest Interview Questions

  4.  We stay with our Clients throughout the search, until they secure their new Career positions

  5. You can begin with a free consultation by phone or in person to see how we tailor each search

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We carefully choose our Clients from candidates at all levels, professions and occupations.  We have searched locally and nationally. – CSU Staff

We provide you with a Step-by-Step Plan of Action that will leave nothing to the imagination. Every conceivable step through the process has been evaluated by Career Marketing experts to save you time and help you get results faster than ever before.

These are amazing tools and resources that will make all the difference.


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Business Practices

  • Empowering Clients is our highest priority

  • We provide vital information that changes lives

  • We keep it simple so everyone will understand and learn quickly

  • We priced our Initiative Program to make it affordable

About Us

  • The Career Search Universe Inc. offices are located at the Purdue Technology Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • Our team (including 29 Professionals) have over 500 years of combined business experience, ranging from smaller companies to Fortune 100 Corporations.

  • We have helped to create nearly $450M in NEW salaries for our Clients and Members through 3 decades of Career Marketing.

  •  SEVEN STEPS TO CAREER LAUNCH (our curriculum) is equivalent in content to a post graduate Master’s Degree

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Career Search Universe offices at Purdue Research Center

Career Search Universe offices at the  Purdue Technology Center