What You’ll Learn

Here’s an Outline of the Marketing Initiative Program, including the number of pages in each section.

STEP #1– Strategic Tools

These are some unique tools we use to win offers. You can apply them effectively in your career search, your business and your life. COMPRISED OF 24 PAGES

STEP#2 – Career Option Profiles

Regardless of what combination of talents and functional skills you possess, a career search must begin with identifying your strengths and possible options. COMPRISED OF 32 PAGES

  • Assessment A
  • Assessment B
  • Assessment C
  • Occupational Skills
  • Personal History 1
  • Work History 2

STEP #3 – Marketing Initiatives

Resumes are often the first impression you make. We make sure your Resume(s) stand out from the competition, and the Letters are no less important. The media tools in this Step will help you to get more interviews in less time. COMPRISED OF 100 PAGES

  • Building a Professional Resume
  • Resume Template
  • Action Words and Adverbs for Resumes
  • Opening Summary Paragraphs
  • Core Competency Tables
  • Keywords for Resumes
  • Developing References
  • Introduction to Search Letters
  • Career Search LETTER LIBRARY
  • Linked In Steps and Strategies
  • Linked In Building Blocks
  • Introduction to Tracking Logs
  • Search Tracking Log
  • Weekly Action Log

STEP #4 – Interviewing

Conduct your interviews with a Plan of Action. Here’s how to do it step-by-step. COMPRISED OF 130 PAGES

Interview Basics

  • The Interview
  • Understanding the Interview
  • Beginning the Interview
  • Turning Interviews into Offers
  • What You Don’t Have to Sell

Concluding the Interview

  • Ending the Interview
  • Closing the Interviewer
  • When You Get an Offer
  • Interview Outline

Interview Homework

  • The 45 Second Commercial
  • Star F Stories
  • Power Words
  • Great Quotes
  • Eliminating Negatives

Questions The Interviewer Asks You

  • Interview Questions
  • Why Should We Hire You
  • Behavioral Interview Questions
  • Trap Questions
  • Interview Test 1
  • Interview Test 2
  • Virtual Interviewer

Questions You Ask the Interviewer

  • Questions Are the Answer
  • Feedback Questions
  • Occupational Questions

STEP #5 – Secrets of Developing Leads

Most job seekers never find the unpublished market consisting of  85% of the better positions. And lots of resources tell you to Network, but don’t really tell you how. It’s time to learn what really works. COMPRISED OF 51 PAGES

  • Informational Meetings
  • Personal Contacts
  • Spot Opportunities
  • Long Distance Search
  • Posted Ads
  • Job Creation For Middle to Higher Level Positions
  • Job Creation for Six Figure Executives
  • Research Center

STEP #6 – Secrets of Success

This is a Powerful Step. It is possible to be a step ahead of the communications if you prepare yourself with the following tactics and strategies. COMPRISED OF 92 PAGES

  • Business Tools
  • Introduction to Negotiating
  • Secrets of Negotiating
  • Seven Attributes
  • Master Presentation System
  • Presentation Outline
  • The Business of Listening
  • Secrets to Handling Objections
  • Secret Telephone Techniques
  • Emotional Control
  • Handling Rejection
  • The Will to Succeed

STEP #7– Building Your Momentum

Keeping up your momentum and continuing until you win. AND YOU WILL WIN

  • Launch This Rocket
  • Momentum is Where it’s At

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